Section A. Advanced laser medical systems and technologies

D.G. Kochiev (GPI RAS, Moscow, Russia), V.P. Minaev (NTO "IRE-Polus", Fryazino, Moscow reg. Russia)

Topics include but are not limited to: New medical applications and advanced laser medical systems for ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, endoscopic and micro surgery, dentistry, and other specialties.

Section B. Laser interaction with cells and tissues : clinical imaging and spectroscopy

V.V. Tuchin (SSU, Saratov, Russia), Andrey E. Lugovtsov (MSU, Moscow, Russia),

Topics include but are not limited to: optical clearing and light transport in cells and tissues; laser trapping and manipulation of biological particles; nonlinear interactions of light and tissues; speckle phenomena in tissues; quantification and imaging of cells, blood and lympth flows; terahertz waves interaction with cells and tissues, autofluorescence and photodynamic diagnosis; optical coherence tomography and diffuse optical imaging; new developments in non-invasive optical technologies, laser microscopy and spectroscopy of tissues.

Section C. Photonics and nanobiotechnology

P.I. Nikitin (GPI RAS, Moscow, Russia), E.P. Subbotin (FEFU, Vladivostok, Russia), V.O. Shipunova (MIPT, Moscow, Russia)

Topics include but are not limited to: analytical biophotonics; chemical and biosensing principles and instrumentation; nanomaterials, methods and systems for diagnostics and therapy, study of the nature and mechanisms of the photosynthetic apparatus of plants as a complex process of interaction of light radiation with their genetic and biochemical subsystems, which is a significant factor that improves the efficiency of growth, development and adaptive capabilities of plants.

Section D. Photodynamic processes in biology and medicine

I. M. Belousova (S. I. Vavilov State Optical Institute), A. A. Krasnovsky Jr. (Federal Center for Biotechnology, Russia),

Topics include but are not limited to: photosensitizers for biology and medicine, direct optical single oxygen generation, photodynamic therapy, photothermal action of laser radiation on bio-objects, protection of organs and tissues against powerful and laser radiation, photodynamic diagnosis, new photosensitizers for theranostic, photodynamic action on pathogenic microflora.